I have been a newspaper junkie for most of my life and I used to revel in the visceral experience of all the rustling paper, the ink on my hands, and being well informed. And then, my wife Michelle got the first generation iPad. She began reading the New York Times headlines to me the NIGHT BEFORE my paper arrived. We just could not have that! I finally threw in the towel when Michelle got me my own iPad. Now, I read the NY Times on my iPad every morning in bed with Michelle reading the same NY Times on her iPad. I read The New Yorker magazine every week with my iPad subcription. These publications appear magically in this sexy, sleek, seductive, polished aluminium tablet.

After working in graphic design and marketing communications for close to forty years, mostly print, my world collapsed. I am old enough to remember when the letterpress operators using hot metal Linotype machines were put out of business virtually overnight by the advent of phototypesetting. I started my graphic design career doing paste-up layouts, hand positioning waxed phototypeset paper on art board. And now, I have owned so many Apple computers I have lost track. I watched the short lived Service Bureau and the printing company pre-press film composition staff knocked out by computer direct to plate.

But did I even imagine that print would become obsolete? An anachronism? Of course printing still exists, we still get our junk mail! Like clockwork we get our two competing Yellow/White Page companies dropping off ten pounds of paper every year. These go right into the recycling bin.

Ok, enough whining and crying about it already. What’s next? I am going to highlight some design successes, past and present, on this website as I transition into the the all digital world.

Web Design for WHECO Corp.

WHECO is the industry leader in construction crane repair. With five service centers in the United States and a facility on the island of Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands, WHECO can make turnkey repairs for specific crane components or carry out complete equipment restorations. I’ve been working with WHECO’s marketing VP for many years. It Read More